Our focus on the GSK-, glycogen synthase kinase- enzyme has led to the therapeutic candidate elraglusib, formerly known as 9-ING-41. Elraglusib has shown tremendous potential in the treatment of many different cancers when used alone or in combination with other types of cancer therapies, including chemotherapy and immune modulators such as checkpoint inhibitors. It is our belief that this versatile agent will improve clinical outcomes for patients suffering from advanced, hard-to-treat cancers.


Daniel M. Schmitt
President & Chief Executive Officer
Andrew P. Mazar, Ph.D.
Chief Operating Officer
Paul Lytle
Chief Financial Officer
Susan Gallipoli, RN, MSN
Senior Director, Pharmacovigilance
Carrie Kellinger
Senior Director, Operations
Laura Kelly
Director of Clinical Operations
Richard Kenley
Vice President, Chemistry, Manufacturing, & Controls
Austin Koukol
Project Manager for Operations and Translational Science
Sarah Majka
Associate Manager, Clinical Operations
Stevens Reich
Vice President, Clinical Development
Chris Seifarth
Vice President, Operations and Quality Assurance
Andrey Ugolkov
Senior Director, Clinical Science 


President & Chief Executive Officer

Scientific Advisory Board


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