Actuate Therapeutics, Inc. is a private biopharmaceutical company focused on the development of compounds for use in the treatment of cancer, and inflammatory diseases leading to fibrosis and neurodegeneration.

Actuate was founded in 2015 with a mission of discovering, developing, and commercializing new agents that target GSK-3β, based on intellectual capital developed in the laboratories of Dr. Alan Kozikowski at the University of Illinois-Chicago and the Center for Developmental Therapeutics at Northwestern University.

The company is led by a senior management and scientific team with decades of pharmaceutical industry experience leading successful discovery, development, and commercialization of new therapeutic agents and health related technologies.

The initial clinical study with our lead molecule, 9-ING-41, Clinical Study 1801 (Clinicaltrials.gov), is actively enrolling patients. This Phase 1/2 protocol is designed to move safely, seamlessly, and efficiently from patient treatment with single-agent 9-ING-41 to treatment with 9-ING-41 plus cornerstone cytotoxic agents and finish with data-driven choices on cancer-specific Phase II efficacy studies.

9-ING-41 is a Best-in-Class agent, with ongoing research continuing to show significant anti-tumor activity in many models of difficult to treat cancers, including cancers of the brain, pancreas, lung, breast and the lymphomas. We are unaware of any published research demonstrating the degree of GSK-3 inhibitor-related efficacy in multiple treatment-resistant cancers which has been observed with 9-ING-41. Importantly, in rigorous preclinical testing, 9-ING-41 demonstrated superior toxicity and pharmacokinetic attributes.

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